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RWA : Regional Water Authority RWA : Regional Water Authority
The Regional Water Authority (RWA) is a joint powers authority that serves and represents the interests of over 20 water providers and associated agencies in the greater Sacramento area.

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Get More Educated and Take Action to Save Water Today

Did you know that even in normal rainfall years, Californians must use every drop of water wisely? Do you know where your water comes from and how it reaches your tap?

Studies show the more people know about their water supply, the more they will do to conserve and protect it. That's why RWA and its members are working to raise public awareness of our most precious natural resource.

Here are some information resources to help you learn more about water supply sources, water quality issues, water management tools and water-saving practices for homes and businesses.



Contact Information for Your Water Conservation Coordinator
Each water service provider has a staff person called a "Water Conservation Coordinator" ready to answer questions about water efficiency and provide details on the services available to you. If you are unsure who your water service provider is, please call our Be Water Smart Hotline at: 1-888-WTR-TIPS (1-888-987-8477) for assistance. More...

Water Fun for Kids
This series of fun pages tells why water is precious and how kids can help our region be more water efficient. More...

Tools for the Classroom
RWA sponsors both the "Great Water Mystery" school assembly program and the Sacramento Bee’s Newspaper In Education "Be Water Smart" program to bring water information to more than 15,000 students each year. More...

Water-Wise Advice for Homeowners
Get tips and resources for saving water, saving energy and reducing your metered water bill. More...

Gardening 101
Planting a new garden? Here is some expert advice on water-wise plants and landscaping, irrigation guidance and other resources for home and professional landscapers. More...

For Local Sustainable Landscaping

Business Know-How
Here's a how-to look at how businesses can save water, energy and other resources. More...

Tips for Consumers
Get a handy list of services and products that can help you use boost water efficiency at home. More...